#include "ltdic.h"

const L_TCHAR * LDicomPrintSCU::GetPrintJobInstanceUID() const

Returns the SOP Instance UID of the last Print Job SOP Instance.


The SOP Instance UID of the Print Job SOP Instance resulted from the last successful printing request sent to the Print SCP. If the Print SCP for the last printing request created no Print Job, the function will return an empty string.


Each of the functions LDicomPrintSCU::PrintFilmSession, LDicomPrintSCU::PrintFilmBox, and LDicomPrintSCU::PrintPullPrintRequestSession requests the Print SCP to print one or more films. If the Print Job SOP Class is supported on the Association, the Print SCP is supposed to create a Print Job SOP Instance for the new Print Job and send the SOP Instance UID of that Instance in the response to the printing request. The function GetPrintJobInstanceUID returns that SOP Instance UID.

The SOP Instance UID of a Print Job can be used to query the Print SCP for information about the Print Job (refer to the function LDicomPrintSCU::GetPrintJobInfo). Also, it is used to identify the Print Job when status reports are received from the Print SCP (refer to the function LDicomPrintSCU::OnPrintJobReport).

Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64

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