Context Identifier Values

LEADTOOLS maintains an internal table of the Context Groups defined by the DICOM Content Mapping Resource (DCMR). The following is a list of the Context Identifiers (CIDs) of these Context Groups, along with their names.

Value Context ID Name
CID_2 "CID 2" "Anatomic Modifier"
CID_4 "CID 4" "Anatomic Region"
CID_5 "CID 5" "Transducer Approach"
CID_6 "CID 6" "Transducer Orientation"
CID_7 "CID 7" "Ultrasound Beam Path"
CID_8 "CID 8" "Angiographic Interventional Devices"
CID_9 "CID 9" "Image Guided Therapeutic Procedures"
CID_10 "CID 10" "Interventional Drug"
CID_11 "CID 11" "Route of Administration"
CID_12 "CID 12" "Radiographic Contrast Agent"
CID_18 "CID 18" "Isotopes in Radiopharmaceuticals"
CID_19 "CID 19" "Patient Orientation"
CID_20 "CID 20" "Patient Orientation Modifier"
CID_21 "CID 21" "Patient Gantry Relationship"
CID_23 "CID 23" "Cranio-caudad Angulation"
CID_25 "CID 25" "Radiopharmaceuticals"
CID_26 "CID 26" "Nuclear Medicine Projections"
CID_29 "CID 29" "Acquisition Modality"
CID_30 "CID 30" "DICOM Devices"
CID_42 "CID 42" "Numeric Value Qualifier"
CID_82 "CID 82" "Units of Measurement"
CID_244 "CID 244" "Laterality"
CID_3001 "CID 3001" "ECG Leads"
CID_3003 "CID 3003" "Hemodynamic Waveform Sources"
CID_3010 "CID 3010" "Cardiovascular Anatomic Locations"
CID_3011 "CID 3011" "Electrophysiology Anatomic Locations"
CID_3014 "CID 3014" "Coronary Artery Segments"
CID_3015 "CID 3015" "Coronary Arteries"
CID_3019 "CID 3019" "Cardiovascular Anatomic Location Modifiers"
CID_3082 "CID 3082" "Cardiology Units of Measurement"
CID_3090 "CID 3090" "Time Synchronization Channel Types"
CID_3101 "CID 3101" "NM Procedural State Values"
CID_3240 "CID 3240" "Electrophysiology Measurement Functions and Techniques"
CID_3241 "CID 3241" "Hemodynamic Measurement Techniques"
CID_3250 "CID 3250" "Catheterization Procedure Phase"
CID_3254 "CID 3254" "Electrophysiology Procedure Phase"
CID_3261 "CID 3261" "Stress Protocols"
CID_3262 "CID 3262" "ECG Patient State Values"
CID_3263 "CID 3263" "Electrode Placement Values"
CID_3264 "CID 3264" "XYZ Electrode Placement Values"
CID_3271 "CID 3271" "Hemodynamic Physiological Challenges"
CID_3335 "CID 3335" "ECG Annotations"
CID_3337 "CID 3337" "Hemodynamic Annotations"
CID_3339 "CID 3339" "Electrophysiology Annotations"
CID_4009 "CID 4009" "DX Anatomy Images"
CID_4010 "CID 4010" "DX View"
CID_4011 "CID 4011" "DX View Modifier"
CID_4012 "CID 4012" "Projection Eponymous Name"
CID_4013 "CID 4013" "Anatomic Region for Mammography"
CID_4014 "CID 4014" "View for Mammography"
CID_4015 "CID 4015" "View Modifier for Mammography"
CID_4016 "CID 4016" "Anatomic Region for Intra-oral Radiography"
CID_4017 "CID 4017" "Anatomic Region Modifier for Intra-oral Radiography"
CID_4018 "CID 4018" "Primary Anatomic Structure for Intra-oral Radiography (Permanent Dentition - Designation of Teeth)"
CID_4019 "CID 4019" "Primary Anatomic Structure for Intra-oral Radiography (Deciduous Dentition - Designation of Teeth)"
CID_4020 "CID 4020" "PET Radionuclide"
CID_4021 "CID 4021" "PET Radiopharmaceutical"
CID_4030 "CID 4030" "MR Spectroscopy Metabolites"
CID_4031 "CID 4031" "MR Proton Spectroscopy Metabolites"
CID_4200 "CID 4200" "Ophthalmic Imaging Agent"
CID_4201 "CID 4201" "Patient Eye Movement Command"
CID_4202 "CID 4202" "Ophthalmic Photography Acquisition Device"
CID_4203 "CID 4203" "Ophthalmic Photography Illumination"
CID_4204 "CID 4204" "Ophthalmic Filter"
CID_4205 "CID 4205" "Ophthalmic Lens"
CID_4206 "CID 4206" "Ophthalmic Channel Description"
CID_4207 "CID 4207" "Ophthalmic Image Position"
CID_4208 "CID 4208" "Mydriatic Agent"
CID_4209 "CID 4209" "Ophthalmic Anatomic Structure Imaged"
CID_5000 "CID 5000" "Languages"
CID_5001 "CID 5001" "Countries"
CID_6000 "CID 6000" "Overall Breast Composition"
CID_6001 "CID 6001" "Overall Breast Composition from BI-RADS"
CID_6002 "CID 6002" "Change Since Last Mammogram or Prior Surgery"
CID_6003 "CID 6003" "Change Since Last Mammogram or Prior Surgery from BI-RADS"
CID_6004 "CID 6004" "Mammography Characteristics of Shape"
CID_6005 "CID 6005" "Characteristics of Shape from BI-RADS"
CID_6006 "CID 6006" "Mammography Characteristics of Margin"
CID_6007 "CID 6007" "Characteristics of Margin from BI-RADS"
CID_6008 "CID 6008" "Density Modifier"
CID_6009 "CID 6009" "Density Modifier from BI-RADS"
CID_6010 "CID 6010" "Mammography Calcification Types"
CID_6011 "CID 6011" "Calcification Types from BI-RADS"
CID_6012 "CID 6012" "Calcification Distribution Modifier"
CID_6013 "CID 6013" "Calcification Distribution Modifier from BI-RADS"
CID_6014 "CID 6014" "Mammography Single Image Finding"
CID_6015 "CID 6015" "Single Image Finding from BI-RADS"
CID_6016 "CID 6016" "Mammography Composite Feature"
CID_6017 "CID 6017" "Composite Feature from BI-RADS"
CID_6018 "CID 6018" "Clockface Location or Region"
CID_6019 "CID 6019" "Clockface Location or Region from BI-RADS"
CID_6020 "CID 6020" "Quadrant Location"
CID_6021 "CID 6021" "Quadrant Location from BI-RADS"
CID_6022 "CID 6022" "Side"
CID_6023 "CID 6023" "Side from BI-RADS"
CID_6024 "CID 6024" "Depth"
CID_6025 "CID 6025" "Depth from BI-RADS"
CID_6026 "CID 6026" "Mammography Assessment"
CID_6027 "CID 6027" "Assessment from BI-RADS"
CID_6028 "CID 6028" "Mammography Recommended Follow-up"
CID_6029 "CID 6029" "Recommended Follow-up from BI-RADS"
CID_6030 "CID 6030" "Mammography Pathology Codes"
CID_6031 "CID 6031" "Benign Pathology Codes from BI-RADS"
CID_6032 "CID 6032" "High Risk Lesions Pathology Codes from BI-RADS"
CID_6033 "CID 6033" "Malignant Pathology Codes from BI-RADS"
CID_6034 "CID 6034" "Intended Use of CAD Output"
CID_6035 "CID 6035" "Composite Feature Relations"
CID_6036 "CID 6036" "Scope of Feature"
CID_6037 "CID 6037" "Mammography Quantitative Temporal Difference Type"
CID_6038 "CID 6038" "Mammography Qualitative Temporal Difference Type"
CID_6039 "CID 6039" "Nipple Characteristic"
CID_6040 "CID 6040" "Non-Lesion Object Type"
CID_6041 "CID 6041" "Mammography Image Quality Finding"
CID_6042 "CID 6042" "Status of Results"
CID_6043 "CID 6043" "Types of Mammography CAD Analysis"
CID_6044 "CID 6044" "Types of Image Quality Assessment"
CID_6045 "CID 6045" "Mammography Types of Quality Control Standard"
CID_6046 "CID 6046" "Units of Follow-up Interval"
CID_6047 "CID 6047" "CAD Processing and Findings Summary"
CID_6100 "CID 6100" "Chest Component Categories"
CID_6101 "CID 6101" "Chest Finding or Feature"
CID_6102 "CID 6102" "Chest Finding or Feature Modifier"
CID_6103 "CID 6103" "Abnormal Lines Finding or Feature"
CID_6104 "CID 6104" "Abnormal Opacity Finding or Feature"
CID_6105 "CID 6105" "Abnormal Lucency Finding or Feature"
CID_6106 "CID 6106" "Abnormal Texture Finding or Feature"
CID_6107 "CID 6107" "Width Descriptor"
CID_6108 "CID 6108" "Chest Anatomic Structure Abnormal Distribution"
CID_6109 "CID 6109" "Radiographic Anatomy Finding or Feature"
CID_6110 "CID 6110" "Lung Anatomy Finding or Feature"
CID_6111 "CID 6111" "Bronchovascular Anatomy Finding or Feature"
CID_6112 "CID 6112" "Pleura Anatomy Finding or Feature"
CID_6113 "CID 6113" "Mediastinum Anatomy Finding or Feature"
CID_6114 "CID 6114" "Osseous Anatomy Finding or Feature"
CID_6115 "CID 6115" "Osseous Anatomy Modifiers"
CID_6116 "CID 6116" "Muscular Anatomy"
CID_6117 "CID 6117" "Vascular Anatomy"
CID_6118 "CID 6118" "Size Descriptor"
CID_6119 "CID 6119" "Chest Border Shape"
CID_6120 "CID 6120" "Chest Border Definition"
CID_6121 "CID 6121" "Chest Orientation Descriptor"
CID_6122 "CID 6122" "Chest Content Descriptor"
CID_6123 "CID 6123" "Chest Opacity Descriptor"
CID_6124 "CID 6124" "Location in Chest"
CID_6125 "CID 6125" "General Chest Location"
CID_6126 "CID 6126" "Location in Lung"
CID_6127 "CID 6127" "Segment Location in Lung"
CID_6128 "CID 6128" "Chest Distribution Descriptor"
CID_6129 "CID 6129" "Chest Site Involvement"
CID_6130 "CID 6130" "Severity Descriptor"
CID_6131 "CID 6131" "Chest Texture Descriptor"
CID_6132 "CID 6132" "Chest Calcification Descriptor"
CID_6133 "CID 6133" "Chest Quantitative Temporal Difference Type"
CID_6134 "CID 6134" "Chest Qualitative Temporal Difference Type"
CID_6135 "CID 6135" "Chest Image Quality Finding"
CID_6136 "CID 6136" "Chest Types of Quality Control Standard"
CID_6137 "CID 6137" "Types of Chest CAD Analysis"
CID_6138 "CID 6138" "Chest Non-Lesion Object Type"
CID_6139 "CID 6139" "Non-Lesion Modifiers"
CID_6140 "CID 6140" "Calculation Methods"
CID_6141 "CID 6141" "Attenuation Coefficient Measurements"
CID_6142 "CID 6142" "Calculated Value"
CID_6143 "CID 6143" "Response Criteria"
CID_6144 "CID 6144" "RECIST Response Criteria"
CID_6145 "CID 6145" "Baseline Category"
CID_7000 "CID 7000" "Diagnostic Imaging Report Document Titles"
CID_7001 "CID 7001" "Diagnostic Imaging Report Headings"
CID_7002 "CID 7002" "Diagnostic Imaging Report Elements"
CID_7003 "CID 7003" "Diagnostic Imaging Report Purposes of Reference"
CID_7004 "CID 7004" "Waveform Purposes of Reference"
CID_7005 "CID 7005" "Contributing Equipment Purposes of Reference"
CID_7010 "CID 7010" "Key Object Selection Document Title"
CID_7011 "CID 7011" "Rejected for Quality Reasons"
CID_7012 "CID 7012" "Best In Set"
CID_7201 "CID 7201" "Referenced Image Purposes of Reference"
CID_7202 "CID 7202" "Source Image Purposes of Reference"
CID_7203 "CID 7203" "Image Derivation"
CID_7210 "CID 7210" "Related Series Purposes Of Reference"
CID_7452 "CID 7452" "Organizational Roles"
CID_7453 "CID 7453" "Performing Roles"
CID_7454 "CID 7454" "Species"
CID_7455 "CID 7455" "Sex"
CID_7456 "CID 7456" "Units of Measure for Age"
CID_7460 "CID 7460" "Units of Linear Measurement"
CID_7461 "CID 7461" "Units of Area Measurement"
CID_7462 "CID 7462" "Units of Volume Measurement"
CID_7470 "CID 7470" "Linear Measurements"
CID_7471 "CID 7471" "Area Measurements"
CID_7472 "CID 7472" "Volume Measurements"
CID_9231 "CID 9231" "General Purpose Workitem Definition"
CID_9232 "CID 9232" "Non-DICOM Output Types"
CID_9300 "CID 9300" "Procedure Discontinuation Reasons"
CID_12001 "CID 12001" "Ultrasound Protocol Types"
CID_12002 "CID 12002" "Ultrasound Protocol Stage Types"
CID_12140 "CID 12140" "Pelvic Vasculature Anatomical Location"
CID_12141 "CID 12141" "Fetal Vasculature Anatomical Location"
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