#include "ltdic.h"

virtual L_VOID LDicomNet::OnReceiveCEchoResponse(nPresentationID, nMessageID, pszClass, nStatus)

Notifies a connection that a C-ECHO-RSP command was received. This function is available in the PACS Imaging Toolkit.


L_UCHAR nPresentationID

Presentation ID. The presentation ID provides information about both the class type of the data and the transfer syntax to use when transferring the data.

L_UINT16 nMessageID

Message ID. Each message sent by a member of a connection should have a unique ID. Since a member of a connection may send several messages, this ID allows that member to identify when a specific request has been completed.

L_TCHAR * pszClass

Class affected by the request. This will be an SOP Class or an SOP MetaClass.

L_UINT16 nStatus

The status of the original request. For a list of possible values, refer to Status Constants.




A call to this function is generated on a peer member of a connection when LDicomNet::SendCEchoResponse is called.

To customize this function, you must derive a class from LDicomNet and override this function.

Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64

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