#include "Ltdic.h"

L_VOID LDicomDS::GetInfoDS(pnClass, pnFlags)

Gets information about the file.


L_UINT32 *pnClass

Pointer to an IOD Class constant which determines the class of information stored in the file. For a list of default IOD Module Constants, refer to IOD Module Constants.

L_UINT16 *pnFlags

Meta-header flags and Transfer Syntax flags that indicate file characteristics. Possible values for the Meta-header flags are:

Value Meaning
DS_METAHEADER_PRESENT [0x0001] The header is present.
DS_METAHEADER_ABSENT [0x0002] The header is absent.

Possible values and combinations for the Transfer Syntax flags are:

Value Meaning
DS_LITTLE_ENDIAN [0x0004] Byte order is Little Endian.
DS_BIG_ENDIAN [0x0008] Byte order is Big Endian.
DS_IMPLICIT_VR [0x0010] The Value Representation is implicit.
DS_EXPLICIT_VR [0x0020] The Value Representation is explicit.
DS_LITTLE_ENDIAN | DS_IMPLICIT_VR Little Endian Byte Order/Implicit Value Representation
DS_LITTLE_ENDIAN | DS_EXPLICIT_VR Little Endian Byte Order/Explicit Value Representation
DS_BIG_ENDIAN | DS_EXPLICIT_VR Little Endian Byte Order/Explicit Value Representation

Any of the available Meta-header flags given above may be combined with any of the available values or combinations of values for the Transfer Syntax flags given above. For example, you may combine DS_METAHEADER_ABSENT with DS_EXPLICIT_VR, or you may combine DS_METAHEADER_PRESENT with DS_BIG_ENDIAN | DS_EXPLICIT_VR, etc.



Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64

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This example displays the Data Set information.

L_INT LDicomDS_GetInfoDSExample() 
   L_INT      nRet; 
   LDicomDS  *pDS; 
   L_UINT32   nClass; 
   L_UINT16   nFlags; 
   L_TCHAR     szUnknown[]=TEXT("Unknown"); 
   L_TCHAR    *p; 
   pDS = new LDicomDS(NULL); 
   nRet = pDS->LoadDS(MAKE_IMAGE_PATH(TEXT("image1.dcm")), 0); 
   if(nRet != DICOM_SUCCESS) 
      return nRet; 
   pDS->GetInfoDS(&nClass, &nFlags); 
   pIOD = LDicomIOD::FindClass(nClass); 
   if (pIOD != NULL) 
      p = pIOD->pszName; 
      p = szUnknown; 
   MessageBox(NULL, p, TEXT("Notice"), MB_OK); 
   delete pDS; 
   return DICOM_SUCCESS; 

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