#include "Ltdic.h"

L_VOID LDicomDS::InitDS(nClass, nFlags)

Creates the data set object, inserting the appropriate elements for the specified class.


L_UINT32 nClass

Value that specifies the class. For a list of default values, refer to the IOD Class Constants.

L_UINT16 nFlags

Transfer Syntax flag that indicates the organization of the data set and the type of image compression used. Possible values and combinations are:

Value Meaning
0 [0x0000] Use the default combination of: DS_LITTLE_ENDIAN | DS_EXPLICIT_VR | DS_COMPRESSION_NONE
DS_LITTLE_ENDIAN [0x0004] Byte order is Little Endian.
DS_BIG_ENDIAN [0x0008] Byte order is Big Endian.
DS_IMPLICIT_VR [0x0010] The Value Representation is implicit.
DS_EXPLICIT_VR [0x0020] The Value Representation is explicit.
DS_ADD_MANDATORY_ELEMENTS_ONLY [0x1000] Insert only the mandatory elements.  All other elements will not be inserted.  This flag can be added to any other valid combination of flags.
DS_ADD_MANDATORY_MODULES_ONLY [0x2000] Insert only the mandatory modules.  All other modules will not be inserted.  This flag can be added to any other valid combination of flags.
DS_LITTLE_ENDIAN | DS_IMPLICIT_VR Little Endian Byte Order/Implicit Value Representation
DS_LITTLE_ENDIAN | DS_EXPLICIT_VR Little Endian Byte Order/Explicit Value Representation
DS_BIG_ENDIAN | DS_EXPLICIT_VR Big Endian Byte Order/Explicit Value Representation




To create a Data Set, you must call LDicomDS::LDicomDS, to allocate the memory required for the Data Set object, before calling this function.

Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64

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This example initializes the Data Set.

L_INT LDicomDS_InitDSExample() 
   LDicomDS*   pDS; 
   pDS = new LDicomDS(NULL); 
                                                       DS_LITTLE_ENDIAN |  
                                                       DS_EXPLICIT_VR |  
                                                       DS_GROUP_LENGTHS |  
   delete pDS; 
   return DICOM_SUCCESS; 

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