#include "Ltdic.h"

LDicomWaveformChannel* LDicomWaveformGroup::GetChannel (uIndex)

Gets a channel from the waveform group.


L_UINT32 uIndex

Zero-based index of the channel to retrieve. As an example, if you want to retrieve the 10th channel, use an index of 9.


Value Meaning
NULL An error occurred.


A waveform in DICOM consists of one or more multiplex groups, each encoded into an item in the "Waveform Sequence" (5400,0100). All channels within a multiplex group are synchronously digitized at a common sampling frequency. Use this function to retrieve the specified channel under the waveform group.

This function returns a pointer to an internal object that is managed by the class. Therefore, you should not free it when you are done with it.

This function returns NULL if the index is out of range or if this waveform group does not have any channels associated with it.

Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64

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