#include " Ltdic.h "

pDICOMELEMENT LDicomDS::FindFirstPrivateElement(pPrivateCreatorDataElement)

Returns the first existing private element that is reserved by pPrivateCreatorDataElement. This feature is available in version 16 or higher.


pDICOMELEMENT pPrivateCreatorDataElement

Pointer to a DICOMELEMENT structure within the data set that is a Private Creator Data Element.


Value Meaning
!NULL A pointer to a DICOMELEMENT structure that contains the first Private Element reserved by pPrivateCreatorDataElement.
NULL A Private Element was not found.


Use this function along with LDicomDS::FindNextPrivateElement to find any or all the private elements reserved by pPrivateCreatorDataElement. For more information on how Private Creator Data Elements are used to reserve private elements, see the documentation for LDicomDS::CreatePrivateCreatorDataElement.

The search for private elements is on the same level as the element pointed to by argument pPrivateCreatorDataElement

Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64

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