Changes from Version 18 to Version 19

Version 19 of this C++ Class Library has changed from version 18 as follows:

Changed functions:

LDicomDS::GetImage - 1 parameter has been removed.

LDicomDS::GetImageList - 1 parameter has been removed.

LDicomDS::GetElementOffset - The return type has been changed to L_DICOM_OFFSET.

LDicomDS::GetImage and LDicomDS::GetImageList - Flags have been added to uFlags:

LDicomDS::InsertImageList and LDicomDS::SetImageList - A flag has been added to uFlags (DICOM_SETIMAGE_OPTIMIZED_MEMORY).

New functions:






LDicomDS::SetBinaryValue (pElement, hFile, nFileOffset, nLength)

For more information, refer to:

What's New in Version 19

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