typedef struct _CodBlockStyle 
   L_BITFIELD bSelective_AC_Bypass; 
   L_BITFIELD bResetContextOnBoundaries; 
   L_BITFIELD bTerminationOnEachPass; 
   L_BITFIELD bVerticallyCausalContext; 
   L_BITFIELD bPredictableTermination; 
   L_BITFIELD bErrorResilienceSymbol; 
   L_BITFIELD bReserved6:26; 
} CodBlockStyle; 

The CODBLOCKSTYLE structure provides a series of bit flags that indicate the behavior of the code blocks.



TRUE if the "lazy coding mode" is adopted. In this case, trailing bit-planes bypass the arithmetic coder except in the normalization pass. Otherwise, the arithmetic coder is used on all passes.


TRUE if the arithmetic coder's probability models are reset between coding passes. This controls where the end of encoded data is and limits the amount of potentially lost data in the event of a transmission error.


TRUE if the arithmetic code-word generation process stops on a byte boundary at the end of each coding pass.


TRUE if the context models are restricted to being vertically causal within each sub-block.


TRUE if the encoder has a predictable termination policy and identifies that the policy was used in the code-stream COD/COC markers. This can be used to implement error detection and concealment.


TRUE if a 4 symbol marker is included for each bit-plane, following the normalization pass.


Reserved for future use.

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