Overview: Encoding of Pixel Data

The Pixel Data Element (7FE0,0010) shall be used for the exchange of encoded graphical image data. This element along with additional Data Elements, specified as Attributes of the Image Information Entities defined in PS 3.3 of the DICOM Standard, shall be used to describe the way in which the Pixel Data is encoded and shall be interpreted. Finally, depending on the negotiated Transfer Syntax (see Section 10 and Annex A of the DICOM Standard), Pixel Data may be compressed.

The Pixel Data Element (7FE0,0010) has a VR of OW or OB, depending on the negotiated Transfer Syntax (see Annex A of the DICOM Standard). The only difference between OW and OB being that OB, a string of bytes, shall be unaffected by Byte Ordering (see Section 7.3 of the DICOM Standard).

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