#include "Ltdic.h"

L_BOOL LDicomWaveformGroup::SetSampleInterpretation(uInterpretation)

Sets the waveform sample interpretation.


L_UINT16 uInterpretation

The new waveform sample interpretation. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
DICOM_SAMPLE_INTERPRETATION_SS [0x00] signed 16-bit linear
DICOM_SAMPLE_INTERPRETATION_US [0x01] unsigned 16-bit linear
DICOM_SAMPLE_INTERPRETATION_SB [0x02] signed 8-bit linear
DICOM_SAMPLE_INTERPRETATION_UB [0x03] unsigned 8-bit linear


Value Meaning
TRUE The waveform sample interpretation was set successfully.
FALSE An error occurred.


In DICOM all channels within a multiplex group are synchronously digitized at a common sampling frequency and have the same sample interpretation. Use this function to set the waveform sample interpretation, which applies to all channels in the waveform group.

For more information about sample interpretation refer to the "Waveform Sample Interpretation" (5400,1006) element in the DICOM standard.

The default value for sample interpretation is DICOM_SAMPLE_INTERPRETATION_SS.

Make sure to call this function before you call any functions that are used to set the data for a channel that is included in the waveform group. Such functions include LDicomWaveformChannel::SetChannelSamples8, LDicomWaveformChannel::SetChannelSamples16 and LDicomWaveformChannel::SetChannelSamples32

If you call this function after setting the data for one or more channels that are included in this group, then the function will convert the data for each of the channels to match the new sample interpretation.

Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64

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