typedef struct tagDICOMPRESSTATEINFO 
   L_UINT uStructSize;  /* size of this structure */ 
   L_INT32 nInstanceNumber; /* the "Instance Number" */ 
   L_TCHAR *pszPresLabel;  /* pointer to the "Presentation Label" */ 
   L_TCHAR *pszPresDescription;  /* pointer to the "Presentation Description" */ 
   pVALUEDATE pPresCreationDate; /* pointer to the "Presentation Creation Date" */ 
   pVALUETIME pPresCreationTime;  /* pointer to the "Presentation Creation Time" */ 
   L_TCHAR *pszPresCreator; /* pointer to the "Presentation Creator's Name" */ 

This structure is used by the functions LDicomDS::GetPresStateInfo and LDicomDS::SetPresStateInfo to get and set the attributes that describe the "Presentation State Module".



The size of the structure (use sizeof (DICOMPRESSTATEINFO))


"Instance Number" (0020,0013) attribute value


Pointer to the "Presentation Label"(0070,0080) attribute value


Pointer to the "Presentation Description" (0070,0081) attribute value.


Pointer to the "Presentation Creation Date" (0070,0082) attribute value.


Pointer to the "Presentation Creation Time" (0070,0083) attribute value.


Pointer to the "Presentation Creator's Name" (0070,0084) attribute value


The members of this structure are based on the attributes of the "Presentation State Module", please see "Presentation State Module Attributes" in the DICOM standard for more details.

Special note about the following members: pszPresLabel, pszPresDescription, pPresCreationDate, pPresCreationTime and pszPresCreator: When you call a function, which updates this structure (ex. LDicomDS::GetPresStateInfo), LEADTOOLS will fill these members with pointers to the internal memory, which LEADTOOLS manages. You must not free these pointers. When you call a function, which updates internal data from the structure you provide (ex. LDicomDS::SetPresStateInfo), LEADTOOLS expects you to fill these members with pointers to memory that you have allocated and that you manage. You must free these pointers when they are no longer needed.

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