#include "ltdic.h"

L_UINT32 LDicomNet::SetAuthDataISCL(pBuffer, nLength);

Sets the authentication data used during the mutual authentication process. This function is available in the PACS Imaging toolkits.


L_VOID *pBuffer

Pointer to an array containing the authentication data.

L_UINT32 nLength

Length of the authentication data, in bytes.


Value Meaning
DICOM_ERROR_PARAMETER A parameter error occurred. The authentication data could not be set. (pBuffer is NULL, or nLength is not in the range 1 to 128.)


Every ISCL-compliant entity must have between 1 and 128 bytes of authentication data. These authentication data are exchanged between client and server during the mutual authentication process. This function sets an array of 1 to 128 bytes that contains authentication data.

The authentication data is data exchanged in plain text. After the mutual authentication process, the communication entities can verify the authentication data of the other entity (client or server) and, if the authentication data is wrong, can close the connection.

Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64

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