#include "ltdic.h"

static pDICOMCONTEXTGROUP LDicomContextGroup::Delete(pContextGroup)

Deletes the specified Context Group from the Context Group Table.



Pointer to a DICOMCONTEXTGROUP structure that specifies the Context Group to be deleted.


Value Meaning
!NULL Pointer to a DICOMCONTEXTGROUP structure that specifies an adjacent Context Group in the Context Group Table. This Group is the one immediately following the Group being deleted or the one immediately preceding it if no Groups follow the Group being deleted.
NULL No Context Groups are left in the Context Group Table.


Call the Delete function to delete a Context Group from the table. To delete all the Context Groups at one time, call the LDicomContextGroup::Reset function.

Call the LDicomContextGroup::Load and LDicomContextGroup::Insert functions to add Context Groups to the Context Group Table.

Call the LDicomContextGroup::DeleteCodedConcept function to delete a Coded Concept in a Context Group.

Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64

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