#include "ltdic.h"

virtual L_VOID LDicomNet::OnReceiveData(nPresentationID, pCS, pDS)

Notifies a connection when a Data message was received. This function is available in the Medical Imaging Suite Toolkit.


L_UCHAR nPresentationID

Presentation ID. The presentation ID provides information about both the class type of the data and the transfer syntax to use when transferring the data.

LDicomDS *pCS

A DICOM object that references the command set that contains the actual command message.

LDicomDS *pDS

A DICOM object that contains the actual data. This may be NULL if no data set is included.




This is a low level means of receiving DICOM messages and data. It allows you to process messages yourself, instead of using the high level message processing functions provided.

This function is called for each LDicomNet::SendCXXX or LDicomNet::SendNXXX function provided by LEADTOOLS.

Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64

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LMyDicomNet is a class derived from LDicomNet
In class LMyDicomNet, all events (virtual functions OnXXX()) have been overridden so that they can be processed. Each event displays a MessageBox identifying the event, the IP that generated the event, the IP that received the event and any other relevant data.
For the entire derived class, see (hyperlink)LMyDicomNet class

L_VOID LMyDicomNet::OnReceiveData(L_UCHAR nID, LDicomDS *pCS, LDicomDS *pDS) 
   CString strMsg; 
   strMsg.Format(TEXT("*** OnReceiveData ***\nnID[%d]\n"), nID); 
   if (pCS)  
      strMsg += TEXT("Received a command set\n"); 
   if (pDS)  
      strMsg += TEXT("Received a data set\n"); 

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