Creating a DICOM Network Connection

When establishing a connection between two AEs, for the purpose of transferring DICOM data and messages, the first step is to create a DICOM Network connection.

The AE acting as an SCP must have a DICOM Network object and the AE acting as an SCU must have a DICOM Network object. In addition, every time an SCP accepts a new connection request from an SCU, the SCP creates another DICOM Network object for the newly connected SCU. This provides the SCP with memory for maintaining information about the SCU and that particular connection. Steps for establishing a DICOM Network connection are given below for both the SCU and the SCP.

Creating a network handle for an SCU

Creating a network handle for an SCP

For more information on creating SCUs and SCPs, refer to Creating an SCU or Creating an SCP.

Once the DICOM Network Connection has been made, you must create a DICOM Associate Connection before DICOM messages and data can be transferred between the AEs. For more information in creating a DICOM Associate connection, refer to Creating a DICOM Associate Connection.

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