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RotationAngle Property

Gets and sets the rotation (or skew) angle of this barcode in degrees.
public virtual int RotationAngle { get; set; } 
@property (nonatomic, assign) NSInteger rotationAngle; 
public int getRotationAngle() 
public void setRotationAngle(int value) 
virtual property int RotationAngle { 
   int get(); 
   void set (    int ); 
RotationAngle # get and set (BarcodeData) 

Property Value

The rotation (or skew) angle of this barcode in degrees. The default value is 0.


Reading Barcodes

The BarcodeReader.ReadBarcode or BarcodeReader.ReadBarcodes methods are used to read a barcode or more from an image. Each of these methods returns an object or an array of objects of type BarcodeData for each barcode found. Inside each object, the value of the RotationAngle property will be set in degrees by the BarcodeReader object, referring to the angle of rotation of the barcode. If the barcode is not rotated, the value will be 0.

This value can be detected using a full circle (from -180 degrees to +180 degrees). Therefore, you can use the barcode rotation's angle to detect the whole document's skew angle. If the angle of a barcode is not 0 and you are certain the barcode is on a right angle in the image, then you pass the negative value of this angle to the RotateCommand class to correct the image skew. Note that LEADTOOLS always provides the DeskewCommand that can be used to automatically correct image deskew without the presence of barcodes. Although this command can only correct skews between -20 and +20 degrees.

Note that the rotation angle does not determine whether the barcode is vertical or horizontal in the image. For that, you must set the correct options before reading the barcode. Refer to BarcodeSearchDirection for more information.

For a tutorial, refer to one of the Extract Barcodes Tutorial.

Writing Barcodes

The RotationAngle property is not used when writing barcodes and the value set in this property will be ignored by the BarcodeWriter object.

For a tutorial, refer to Write Barcodes Tutorials.


This example will use RotationAngle to correct the skew angle of a document.


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