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PharmaCodeBarcodeWriteOptions Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the PharmaCodeBarcodeWriteOptions class with default values.
__init__() # Default constructor 

In addition to setting the base class members as specified in BarcodeWriteOptions(), the following members are initialized as follows:

Member Value




using Leadtools; 
using Leadtools.Codecs; 
using Leadtools.Barcode; 
using Leadtools.ImageProcessing; 
public void BarcodeWriteOptions_Example() 
   // This example uses derived classes from the abstract class BarcodeWriteOptions to set the barcode write options. 
   // For example: OneDBarcodeWriteOptions, GS1DatabarStackedBarcodeWriteOptions, 
   // PatchCodeBarcodeWriteOptions, PostNetPlanetBarcodeWriteOptions are derived 
   // from the abstract class BarcodeWriteOptions 
   // Create a directory to store the images we will create 
   string outDir = Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.ImagesDir, "MyBarcodes"); 
   if (Directory.Exists(outDir)) 
      Directory.Delete(outDir, true); 
   int resolution = 300; 
   // Create a Barcode engine 
   BarcodeEngine engine = new BarcodeEngine(); 
   // Get the Barcode writer 
   BarcodeWriter writer = engine.Writer; 
   // All 1D options have the UseXModule set to false by default, we need to set it to true 
   // so we can calculate the default size. We will change the default options so we can 
   // pass null to CalculateBarcodeDataBounds and WriteBarcode below 
   // For all Standard 1D.  
   OneDBarcodeWriteOptions oneDWriteOptions = writer.GetDefaultOptions(BarcodeSymbology.UPCA) as OneDBarcodeWriteOptions; 
   oneDWriteOptions.UseXModule = true; 
   // All GS1 Databar Stacked 
   GS1DatabarStackedBarcodeWriteOptions gs1DatabarStackedWriteOptions = writer.GetDefaultOptions(BarcodeSymbology.GS1DatabarStacked) as GS1DatabarStackedBarcodeWriteOptions; 
   gs1DatabarStackedWriteOptions.UseXModule = true; 
   // Patch Code 
   PatchCodeBarcodeWriteOptions patchCodeWriteOptions = writer.GetDefaultOptions(BarcodeSymbology.PatchCode) as PatchCodeBarcodeWriteOptions; 
   patchCodeWriteOptions.UseXModule = true; 
   // All PostNet/Planet 
   PostNetPlanetBarcodeWriteOptions postNetPlanetWriteOptions = writer.GetDefaultOptions(BarcodeSymbology.PostNet) as PostNetPlanetBarcodeWriteOptions; 
   postNetPlanetWriteOptions.UseXModule = true; 
   // Pharma code 
   PharmaCodeBarcodeWriteOptions pharmaCodeBarcodeWriteOptions = writer.GetDefaultOptions(BarcodeSymbology.PharmaCode) as PharmaCodeBarcodeWriteOptions; 
   pharmaCodeBarcodeWriteOptions.UseXModule = true; 
   pharmaCodeBarcodeWriteOptions.XModule = 30; 
   // We will use this object to save files 
   using (RasterCodecs codecs = new RasterCodecs()) 
      // Get all the available write symbologies 
      BarcodeSymbology[] symbologies = writer.GetAvailableSymbologies(); 
      foreach (BarcodeSymbology symbology in symbologies) 
         Console.WriteLine("Processing {0}", symbology); 
         // Create the default data for this symbology 
         BarcodeData data = BarcodeData.CreateDefaultBarcodeData(symbology); 
         // Calculate its size with default options 
         writer.CalculateBarcodeDataBounds(LeadRect.Empty, resolution, resolution, data, null); 
         // Create an image to write the data to 
         LeadRect pixels = data.Bounds; 
         using (RasterImage image = RasterImage.Create(pixels.Width, pixels.Height, 1, resolution, RasterColor.FromKnownColor(RasterKnownColor.White))) 
            // Write the barcode with default options 
            writer.WriteBarcode(image, data, null); 
            // Save it 
            string outFileName = Path.Combine(outDir, symbology + ".tif"); 
            codecs.Save(image, outFileName, RasterImageFormat.Tif, 1); 
static class LEAD_VARS 
   public const string ImagesDir = @"C:\LEADTOOLS22\Resources\Images"; 

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