InterpolationRunMode Enumeration


How interpolation will be run when active for multiple pages.


JavaScript Syntax
lt.Controls.InterpolationRunMode = { 
	Sequential: 0, 
	Parallel: 1 
TypeScript Syntax
lt.Controls.InterpolationRunMode = { 
	Sequential: 0, 
	Parallel: 1 


0 Sequential

(0) Run the interpolation one page at a time, waiting for one page to complete before starting the next. This is the default.

1 Parallel

(1) Place no limit on the number of pages that can be interpolated at once.


When interpolation is enabled, multiple pages are in view, and web workers are supported, the InterpolationRunMode property specifies how interpolation will occur. By default, the value is Sequential, meaning one page will interpolate at a time in a separate thread from the ImageViewer.

For more information, refer to Image Viewer Interpolation.


For an example, refer to InterpolationMode.


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