updateElement Method


Update the HTML Element or SVG Element of an item.


JavaScript Syntax
ImageViewerItems.prototype.updateElement = function(item, element, resolution) 
TypeScript Syntax
updateElement(item: ImageViewerItem, element: HTMLElement, resolution: LeadSizeD): void; 



Item to update


New HTML Element or SVG Element. If this is null, then the item will be empty after this method returns.


The resolution to use of the image in dots/inch (or DPI). A value of 0,0 or Empty means use the default image

resolution which is 96 pixels.


This method is a shortcut for updating the Element, Image, or Canvas property. It is equivalent to:

item.element = element; 
item.resolution = resolution; 

Element may be null after this method completes; UpdateElement is a shortcut for updating not only Element, but also Image and Canvas. Passing a valid HTML Image Element to UpdateElement sets the Image property just as UpdateImage does. Similarly, passing a valid HTML5 Canvas Element to UpdateElement sets the Canvas property just as UpdateCanvas does. The item can have a value in only one of Image, Element or Canvas. Setting one value will automatically delete the values of the others.


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