processDragDropUrl Method


Processes the image dropped on this ImageViewer during a drag/drop operation.


JavaScript Syntax
ImageViewer.prototype.processDragDropUrl = function(targetItem, url) 
TypeScript Syntax
processDragDropUrl(targetItem: ImageViewerItem, url: string): void; // protected 



The target item for the drop.


The url string being dropped.


This method is called by the viewer as the final step when a text containing URL is dropped into an item. The following is the default implementation (to customize it, create a new class that derives from ImageViewer and override this method):

If targetItem is null, then the viewer will create a new ImageViewerItem, set url into ImageViewerItem.Url and adds the item to the viewer.

If targetItem is not null then url will be set in ImageViewerItem.Url. In other words, the existing image in the item (if any) will be replaced.

For more information, refer to Image Viewer Drag and Drop.


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