autoItemElementsRemoved Event


Occurs before an item HTML elements are re-deleted from the DOM.


JavaScript Syntax
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
function autoItemElementsRemoved.add(function(sender, e)); 
function autoItemElementsRemoved.remove(function(sender, e)); 
TypeScript Syntax
autoItemElementsRemoved: void; 


This event is occurs only if the viewer is using Elements Mode and if the value of ImageViewerElementsModeCreateOptions.AutoRemoveItemElements was true when this control is created.

AutoItemElementsAdded and AutoItemElementsRemoved can be used to track when an item goes out of view and its elements are deleted from the DOM or when the item re-enters the view and its elements are re-created. AutoItemElementsAdded occurs after the item enters the view and its elements are created and AutoItemElementsRemoved occurs before the item is deleted, therefore, all the item's elements are still in the DOM and can be accessed when this event occurs.

Refer to Image Viewer Elements Mode for more information.

Event Data
sendervarThe source of the event.
eImageViewerRenderEventArgsThe event data.

Target Platforms

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