insertFromUrl Method


Inserts a new item from a URL pointing to an image.


JavaScript Syntax
ImageViewerItems.prototype.insertFromUrl = function(index, url, resolution) 
TypeScript Syntax
insertFromUrl(index: number, url: string, resolution: LeadSizeD): ImageViewerItem; 



0-based index of the item.


URL pointing to an image.


The resolution to use for the image in dots/inch (DPI). A value of 0,0 or Empty means to use the default image resolution of 96 pixels.

Return Value

The newly created item, if successful


This method will load the data from url and insert a new ImageViewerItem. This is done through the use of ImageLoader, meaning a ImageLoading event will be fired when the image loading is about to begin. Since a new ImageViewerItem is being created for this image, the default ImageUrl mode will be used for image loading. To intercept and change this loading style, attach a callback to the ImageLoading event. The HTML Image Element will be set to the Image property when finished. The image data is loaded in the background and ImageSize is updated as described in Url.

When loading from AddFromSvgUrl or InsertFromSvgUrl, the image will load with AjaxXml, which only works for SVG Elements or XML/XHTML Elements.

This method is a shortcut for the following:

var item = new lt.Controls.ImageViewerItem(); 
item.Url = url; 
imageViewer.items.insert(index, item); 

If url is null, then an empty item is added.


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