doubleTap Event


Occurs when the user double taps with the mouse or a finger.


JavaScript Syntax
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
function doubleTap.add(function(sender, e)); 
function doubleTap.remove(function(sender, e)); 
TypeScript Syntax
doubleTap: void; 


The DoubleTap event will fire when any of the following occurs:

  • On a device that supports mouse: When the user double clicks the left button on a EventsTarget.

  • On a device that supports touch: When the user taps a finger twice quickly on a EventsTarget.

The amount of delay between the double click or taps intervals are determined by the DoubleTapDelay property.

Event Data
sendervarThe source of the event.
eInteractiveEventArgsThe event data.

Target Platforms

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