ImageViewerInteractiveModes Object


Defines a collection of ImageViewerInteractiveMode.


JavaScript Syntax
function lt.Controls.ImageViewerInteractiveModes 
	extends lt.LeadCollection 
TypeScript Syntax
class lt.Controls.ImageViewerInteractiveModes() 
	extends lt.LeadCollection 


ImageViewerInteractiveModes holds the collection of ImageViewerInteractiveMode instances used by an ImageViewer.

Use the various LeadCollection properties and methods to add, insert, remove, get/set and enumerate the items of this class.

ImageViewerInteractiveModes also supports the following:

In applications where only one interactive mode is enabled at a time, the modes are added all at once when the application starts and then the user can select which to enable using a user interface element such as a menu item or a combo box. In these types of application, the user can enable the desired mode quickly using Enable, EnableByIndex or EnableById instead of looping through all the items in the collection as shown in the example below.

For more information, refer to Image Viewer Interactive Modes.


JavaScript Example
var panZoomMode = new lt.Controls.ImageViewerPanZoomInteractiveMode; 
panZoomMode.isEnabled = true; 
var activeMode = new lt.Controls.ImageViewerActiveItemInteractiveMode(); 
activeMode.isEnabled = true; 


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