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Leadtools.Controls Enumerations


Overview and description of Leadtools Controls enumerations.

Enumeration Description
ControlAlignment Indicates where an element should be displayed on the horizontal axis relative to the allocated layout slot of the parent element.
ControlRegionRenderMode Determines how to render the outline of a region area.
ControlScrollMode Determines how the control displays and uses scrollbars.
ControlSizeMode Determines how the control displays the image and the automatic adjustments of the display rectangles.
ControlTextTrimming Specifies how to trim characters from a string that does not completely fit into a layout shape.
ImageViewerAutoItemMode Specifies how to use the item in the interactive mode.
ImageViewerAutoResetOptions Specifies options to control which display properties get reset when an image is set into the control.
ImageViewerCoordinateType Defines the coordinate system of a point.
ImageViewerDragMode Drag mode to use.
ImageViewerDragTargetMode Specifies the drag target allowed by ImageViewerDragInteractiveMode
ImageViewerInteractiveModeTransformTarget An enumeration used for indicating where an ImageViewerInteractiveMode transformation should be applied.
ImageViewerItemChangedReason Describes the reason why an item has been changed in the ImageViewer
ImageViewerItemDragDropOperation Current drag/drop operation.
ImageViewerItemPart Defines a part of an item in ImageViewer.
ImageViewerRubberBandShape Shapes used by the rubberband interactive mode.
ImageViewerSelectionMode Defines the selection mode.
ImageViewerSpyGlassCrosshair Specifies the crosshair type of the spy glass.
ImageViewerSpyGlassShape Specifies the shape of the ImageViewerSpyGlassInteractiveMode spy glass.
InteractiveDirection Indicates drag direction.
InterpolationMode Interpolation mode support by LEADTOOLS.
InterpolationRunMode How interpolation will be run when active for multiple pages.
InterpolationStatus Current interpolation status.
Keys Specifies a key code.
MouseButtons Specifies a mouse button.
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