zoom Method


Zooms or changes the size mode of this item.


JavaScript Syntax
ImageViewerItem.prototype.zoom = function(sizeMode, value, origin) 
TypeScript Syntax
zoom(sizeMode: ControlSizeMode, value: number, origin: LeadPointD): void; 



The size mode to use.


The desired zoom value. This must be a value greater than 0. A value of 1.0 equals 100 percent zoom, a value of 0.5 equals

to 50 percent, a value of 1.5 equals 150 percent zoom and so on.


The origin of the zoom operation.


This method will update Transform based on the values passed. For information on how zoom works, refer to Zoom. This method works the same way except the zoom is performed on this item only and the values will be stored in Transform.

origin is the origin of the zoom operation. Use DefaultZoomOrigin to zoom around the center of the item.


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