ImageViewerRubberBandInteractiveMode Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by ImageViewerRubberBandInteractiveMode.

Public Constructors

Name Description
ImageViewerRubberBandInteractiveMode Initializes a new instance of ImageViewerRubberBandInteractiveMode

Public Methods

Name Description
createInteractiveModeCanvas Create the interactive HTML5 Canvas Element.
destroyInteractiveModeCanvas Destroys the interactive HTML5 Canvas Element.
onRubberBandCompleted Raises the RubberBandCompleted event.
onRubberBandDelta Raises the RubberBandDelta event.
onRubberBandStarted Raises the RubberBandStarted event.
rubberBandCompleted.remove Occurs when the user completes the rubber banding operation.
rubberBandDelta.remove Occurs when the user is performing rubber banding operation.
rubberBandStarted.remove Occurs when the user starts the rubber banding operation.
start Starts the mode.
stop Stops the mode.

Public Properties

Name Description
backgroundStyle Style to use for filling the shape.
borderColor Color to use for outlining the shape.
borderStyle Style to use for outlining the shape.
borderThickness Thickness to use for outlining the shape.
id Unique ID of this mode
interactiveModeCanvas Interactive mode HTML5 Canvas Element.
name Name of this mode.
restrictToWorkBounds Indicates whether this rubber band should only work on the current restricted bound set by the user.
roundRectangleRadius Radius of the round rectangle shape.
shape Shape to use with this rubber band mode.
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