endAutoSizeChanged Method


Enables detecting if the viewer size has changed.


JavaScript Syntax
ImageViewer.prototype.endAutoSizeChanged = function() 
TypeScript Syntax
endAutoSizeChanged(): void; 


The viewer hooks to standard HTML Window "sizechanged" or "orientationchange" events depending on the browser being used. This will allow the viewer to recalculate the transformation matrix and cause a render if the size of the control (container div) changes. If an action causes multiple size changes (for example, a CSS transition or animation) then it is recommended to call BeginAutoSizeChanged to disable the automatic update and optimize performance and then re-enable the feature by calling EndAutoSizeChanged.

Calls to BeginAutoSizeChanged and EndAutoSizeChanged are accumulative. Each call to BeginAutoSizeChanged must be matched with a corresponding call to EndAutoSizeChanged.


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