ImageViewerElementsModeCreateOptions Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
autoRemoveItemElements Controls how the image viewer handles items that are out of view.
classPrefix Prefix that will be applied to each other class name when the viewer is created.
itemActiveClass Active item CSS class name
itemBackImageElementClass Item back image element CSS class name.
itemElementClass Item elements CSS class name.
itemHoverClass Hovered item CSS class name.
itemImageBorderElementClass Item image border element CSS class name
itemImageClippingElementClass Item image clipping element CSS class name
itemImageElementClass Item image element CSS class name.
itemImageFlipElementClass Item image flip element CSS class name
itemImageLoadedClass Item image loaded CSS class name
itemImageLoadingClass Item image loading CSS class name
itemSelectClass Selected item CSS class name.
itemTextElementClass Item text CSS class name
viewElementClass View elements CSS class name.
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