activeItem Property


Active item of this image viewer.


JavaScript Syntax
Object.defineProperty(ImageViewer.prototype, 'activeItem', 
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
TypeScript Syntax
activeItem: ImageViewerItem; 

Property Value

The active item of this image viewer. This value cannot be null.


For more information, refer to Image Viewer Items.


This example will use the viewer as a single-selection enabled list of images and shows how to track the current active item.

Start with the ImageViewer example, remove all the code inside the example function (search for the "// TODO: add example code here" comment) and insert the following code:

JavaScript Example
// Clear all the images already the viewer 
// Use vertical view layout 
this._imageViewer.viewLayout = new lt.Controls.ImageViewerVerticalViewLayout(); 
// Make sure the item size is larger than the image size (thumbnails mode) 
this._imageViewer.itemSize = lt.LeadSizeD.create(200, 200); 
this._imageViewer.imageBorderThickness = 1; 
// Change the active item background color 
this._imageViewer.activeItemBackgroundColor = "lightblue"; 
this._imageViewer.selectedItemBackgroundColor = "lightblue"; 
// Add 4 items to the viewer 
for (var page = 1; page <= 4; page++) { 
   var item = new lt.Controls.ImageViewerItem(); 
   var imageUrl = "" + page.toString() + ".png"; 
   item.url = imageUrl; 
// Add the interface mode to select items (single) 
var selectItemsMode = new lt.Controls.ImageViewerSelectItemsInteractiveMode(); 
selectItemsMode.selectionMode = lt.Controls.ImageViewerSelectionMode.single; 
// Tell the mode to set the active item for us 
selectItemsMode.autoItemMode = lt.Controls.ImageViewerAutoItemMode.autoSetActive; 
this._imageViewer.defaultInteractiveMode = selectItemsMode; 
// Hook to the ActiveItemChanged event and update the label 
this._imageViewer.activeItemChanged.add(function(sender, e) { 
   var index = this.items.indexOf(this.activeItem); 
   infoLabel.textContent = "ActiveIndex index is " + index.toString(); 


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