viewLayout Property


View layout used by this ImageViewer.


JavaScript Syntax
Object.defineProperty(ImageViewer.prototype, 'viewLayout', 
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
TypeScript Syntax
viewLayout: ImageViewerViewLayout; 

Property Value

The view layout used by this ImageViewer. Default value is an instance of ImageViewerSingleViewLayout.


For more information, refer to Image Viewer Layouts.


This example will add a few items to the ImageViewer and then allows you to switch between different view layouts to see the differences.

Run the demo. Now when you click the Example button.

Start with the ImageViewer example, remove all the code inside the example function (search for the "// TODO: add example code here" comment) and insert the following code:

JavaScript Example
var layout = new lt.Controls.ImageViewerHorizontalViewLayout(); 
layout.rows = 2; 
this._imageViewer.viewLayout = layout; 
var msg = 
   "Layout.Name = " + + "\n" + 
   "Layout.SizeModeHeight = " + this._imageViewer.viewLayout.sizeModeHeight + "\n" + 
   "Layout.SizeModeHeightItemCount = " + this._imageViewer.viewLayout.sizeModeHeightItemCount + "\n" + 
   "Layout.SizeModeWidth = " + this._imageViewer.viewLayout.sizeModeWidth + "\n" + 
   "Layout.SizeModeWidthItemCount = " + this._imageViewer.viewLayout.sizeModeWidthItemCount; 
alert("ImageViewerLayout Information" + msg); 


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