InteractiveService Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
cancelOnEscape Indicates whether to cancel current operation when the user hits the ESC key on the keyboard.
doubleTapDelay Indicates the delay in milliseconds between taps for the DoubleTap events.
dragStartsOnDown Indicates whether DragStarted events should fire on mouse or touch down.
enableHold Indicates whether Hold events should fire.
enableMouseWheel Indicates whether mouse wheel is enabled.
enableSelection Indicates whether selection of HTML elements is enabled.
eventsSource Events source control or HTML element.
eventsTarget Events target control or HTML element.
hitTestBuffer Hit test buffer.
holdDelay Indicates the delay in milliseconds for the Hold events.
isListening Gets a value that indicates whether the service is currently listening to the events.
modifierKeys The keyboard modifier keys currently down (pressed).
owner Owner of the service.
pinchStartsOnDown Indicates whether PinchStarted events should fire on mouse or touch down.
preventContextMenu Indicates whether to prevent the browser context menu from appearing if activated on top of the events element.
supportsMouse Gets a value that indicate whether the current platform supports a mouse.
tapOnDown Indicates whether Tap events should fire on mouse or touch down.
targetOffset Events target offset.
userControls User HTML elements.
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