ImageViewerInteractiveMode Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
autoDisableTransitions Automatically disable CSS transitions while this mode is working.
autoItemMode Indicates how the mode updates the Item property.
hitTestState Indicates this mode hit-test state.
hitTestStateCursor Mouse cursor to use for the hit-test state of this ImageViewerInteractiveMode.
id Unique ID of this mode.
idleCursor Mouse cursor to use for the idle state of this ImageViewerInteractiveMode
imageViewer Image Viewer for this mode.
interactiveService Interactive service for this mode.
isDragMouseWheelEnabled Indicates whether this mode accepts drag events originated using the mouse wheel.
isEnabled Indicates of this mode is currently enabled and can work.
isStarted Gets a value that indicate if this mode has started.
isWorking Gets a value that indicates whether this mode is working.
item Item that the mode will use as the work source.
itemPart Item part that this mode will use when working.
mouseButtons Mouse button(s) associated with this mode.
name User friendly name of this mode.
tag User defined data for this ImageViewerInteractiveMode
workingCursor Mouse cursor to use for the working state of this ImageViewerInteractiveMode.
workOnBounds Indicates whether this mode will only work if the original click or touch was in a specified bounding area.
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