ImageViewerNoneInteractiveMode Object


Implementation of ImageViewerInteractiveMode that does not have an action.


JavaScript Syntax
function lt.Controls.ImageViewerNoneInteractiveMode 
	extends lt.Controls.ImageViewerInteractiveMode 
TypeScript Syntax
class lt.Controls.ImageViewerNoneInteractiveMode() 
	extends lt.Controls.ImageViewerInteractiveMode 


ImageViewerNoneInteractiveMode derives from ImageViewerInteractiveMode but does not perform an action. You can use this mode in certain situations where you must have an interactive mode in the viewer but don't want to perform any actions.

This interactive mode does not subscribe to any events from the InteractiveService, and thus will never set InteractiveEventArgs.IsHandled to true.

For more information, refer to Image Viewer Interactive Modes.


Target Platforms

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