ImageViewerSpyGlassInteractiveMode Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
alwaysFillBackground Indicates whether to fill the background of the HTML5 Canvas Element.
backgroundColor Color used to fill the spy glass background.
borderColor Spy glass border color.
borderThickness Spy glass border thickness.
crosshair Spy glass crosshair type.
crosshairColor Spy glass crosshair color.
crosshairThickness Spy glass crosshair thickness.
ensureVisible Indicates whether to automatically position the spy glass over the image and not beyond the image area.
id Unique ID of this mode
interactiveModeCanvas Interactive mode HTML5 Canvas Element.
name Name of this mode.
offset Optional offset to apply to the spy glass position.
redirectCanvas External HTML5 Canvas Element that can be used to re-direct the spy glass render.
roundRectangleRadius Arc size of the rounded corners if the shape is ImageViewerSpyGlassShape.RoundRectangle.
shape Spy glass shape.
size Size of the spy glass.
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