ImageViewerPanZoomInteractiveMode Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
doubleTapSizeMode Specifies how to fit the viewer when the user double click or taps.
enablePan Indicates whether to enable panning.
enablePinchZoom Indicates whether to use pinch touch gesture for zooming.
enableZoom Indicates whether to enable zooming.
id Unique ID of this mode
inertiaScrollOptions Inertia scroll options used when panning.
isKeyboardEnabled Indicates whether to enable panning and zooming with the keyboard.
minimumScaleFactor Minimum scale factor allowed.
name Name of this mode.
pageKeyModifier Modifier key to use for panning a page.
transformTarget Indicates where the interactive mode should apply transformation changes based on received interactions.
zoomAtWorkBoundsCenter Indicates whether the zoom origin is always the work bounds center.
zoomKeyModifier Modifier key to use for zooming.
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