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Leadtools.Multimedia Structures


Overview and description of Leadtools Multimedia structures.

Structure Description
BITMAPINFOHEADER The BITMAPINFOHEADER structure is useful for accessing bitmap information in captured DIB frames. It contains information about the dimensions and color format of a device-independent bitmap (DIB).
Structure DVD_HMSF_TIMECODE The DVD_HMSF_TIMECODE structure encapsulates the hours, minutes, seconds, and frames in a DVD Timecode.
Structure RECT This structure defines the coordinates of the upper-left and lower-right corners of a rectangle.
Structure REFERENCE_TIME The REFERENCE_TIME data type defines the units for reference times in DirectShow. Each unit of reference time is 100 nanoseconds.
Structure RGBQUAD The RGBQUAD data type defines the elements of a palette entry.
Structure VideoInfoHeader The VIDEOINFOHEADER structure describes the bitmap and color information for a video image.
Structure WaveFormatEx The WAVEFORMATEX structure defines the format of waveform-audio data.
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Leadtools.Multimedia Assembly