CaptureObject Enumeration


The CaptureObject enumeration values define objects that can be obtained using the CaptureCtrl.GetSubObject method.

public enum CaptureObject   
Public Enum CaptureObject  
public enum class CaptureObject   

0FilterGraph Specifies the filter graph.
1VideoCaptureFilter Specifies the video device filter.
2AudioCaptureFilter Specifies the audio device filter.
3VideoCapturePin Specifies the video capture pin.
4AudioCapturePin Specifies the audio capture pin.
5VideoPreviewPin Specifies the video preview pin.
6AudioPreviewPin Specifies the audio preview pin.
7TVTuner Specifies the TV tuner.
8TVAudio Specifies the TV audio controls.
9VideoCrossbar Specifies the video crossbar.
10AudioCrossbar Specifies the audio or secondary crossbar.
11VideoCompressor Specifies the currently selected video compressor, known as an encoder or compressor, a module or algorithm to compress data.
12AudioCompressor Specifies the currently selected audio compressor.
13TargetFilter Specifies the target filter.Note:If the target filter is a multiplexer or sink, it's advisable to use TargetFormat.GetCacheObject instead of CaptureCtrl.GetSubObject. Target filters are not added to the capture graph until the capture graph is built using CaptureCtrl.ReadyCapture or CaptureCtrl.StartCapture. At this point, the graph is in running state. Some multiplexers or sinks might not be able to change some settings in running mode. By default, when you stop the capture, the multiplexer and sink are destroyed. As a result, the only way to change their settings in stopped mode is to create them before the capture starts. You can do that by first setting the TargetFormat.UseFilterCache property to true and then retrieving the objects using TargetFormat.GetCacheObject.
14VideoRenderer Specifies the preview video renderer The DirectShow component responsible for playing the video.
15AudioRenderer Specifies the preview audio renderer The audio device that will play the sound.
16VideoDecompressor Specifies the video decompressor.
17AudioDecompressor Specifies the audio decompressor.
18Splitter Specifies the splitter.
19VideoCompressorOutputPin Specifies the video compressor output pin.
20AudioCompressorOutputPin Specifies the audio compressor output pin.
21Sink Specifies the sink (writer) object.
22TargetAVMux Specifies the target AV multiplexer.
23TargetVideoCompressor Specifies the target video compressor.
24TargetAudioCompressor Specifies the target audio processor.
256SelAudioProcessor Specifies the first selected audio processor.
512SelVideoProcessor Specifies the first selected video processor.
768PrevAudioProcessor Specifies the preview audio processor.
1024PrevVideoProcessor Specifies the preview video processor.


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