SetSecurity Method


Sets the security settings for a source folder or the whole server.

public void SetSecurity( 
   int index, 
   RTSPSecurity value 
Public Sub SetSecurity( _ 
   ByVal index As Integer, _ 
   ByVal value As RTSPSecurity _ 
void SetSecurity(  
   int index, 
   RTSPSecurity^ value 


0-based index of the source folder whose security settings should be set. Use -1 to set the default RTSP Server security settings.

The RTSPSecurity object containing the security settings. If NULL, no authentication is required to access the folder (or server).


If index is between 0 and SourceCount - 1 (where SourceCount is the number of folders in the list, as indicated by SourceCount), this function sets the security settings for the source with the index equal to index.

If index is set to -1, this method sets the default security settings for the RTSP server. All the current folders are set to these security settings. Also, all future folders added with SetSourceFolder will use the default security settings.

If you never set the security settings for the RTSP server, the default security setting is NULL (no authentication is used).

See RTSPSecurity for more information on RTSP security settings (also called 'authentication').

If the server is running, the updated security settings will be used the next time an RTSP client connects. It will not affect RTSP clients already connected.


For an example, see RTSPSecurity.


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