LoadSettingsFromStream Method


Sets the default compression used to recompress files with compression incompatible with the RTSP Server.

public void LoadSettingsFromStream( 
   int index, 
   object sourcestream, 
   int flags 
Public Sub LoadSettingsFromStream( _ 
   ByVal index As Integer, _ 
   ByVal sourcestream As Object, _ 
   ByVal flags As Integer _ 
void LoadSettingsFromStream(  
   int index, 
   Object^ sourcestream, 
   int flags 


0-based index of the source folder whose default compression settings should be set. Use -1 to set the default compression settings for the RTSP server.

The source stream containing the compression settings.

Flags indicating which compression settings were saved in the stream. For a list of possible values, refer to ConvertSettings.


The RTSP server will automatically recompress the audio or video stream in a file whose compression is not compatible with the RTSP server. See LEAD RTSP Sink for the list of compressions supported by the RTSP server.

The sourcestream and flags parameters are similar to the ones with same name in ConvertCtrl.LoadSettingsFromStream, except the compression settings for the video and audio compressor are loaded from the file. So, when necessary, the RTSP Server will call LoadSettingsFromFile(sourceFile, flags & (ConvertSettings.AudioCompressors | ConvertSettings.VideoCompressors)) on the convert object doing the recompression.

While the server can recompress files on the fly, it is more efficient to make sure all the files have compatible compression settings to begin with to reduce the server load.

If index is between 0 and SourceCount - 1 (where SourceCount is the number of folders in the list, as indicated by SourceCount), this method sets the compression settings for the source with the index equal to index.

If index is set to -1, this function sets the default compression settings for the RTSP server. All the current folders are set to these compression settings. Also, all future folders added with SetSourceFolder will use the default compression settings.

These are the default compressors currently used:

You can also load the settings from a file using LoadSettingsFromFile. Note that this method cancels the compression settings set previously for the same index using LoadSettingsFromFile.


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