MediaEventCode Enumeration


Defines values used for media event reporting.

public enum MediaEventCode   
Public Enum MediaEventCode  
public enum class MediaEventCode   

1EC_COMPLETE Indicates the completed playback of a stream within the graph.
2EC_USERABORT Indicates that the user has requested that playback be terminated.
3EC_ERRORABORT Operation aborted because of error.
4EC_TIME Indicates that the requested reference time occurred. (currently unused)
5EC_REPAINT Indicates that a repaint is required.
6EC_STREAM_ERROR_STOPPED Indicates that a stream error occurs that stopped playback.
7EC_STREAM_ERROR_STILLPLAYING Indicates that a stream error occurred, but playback has continued.
8EC_ERROR_STILLPLAYING Indicates that an asynchronous run command was sent to the graph when the graph was already running.
9EC_PALETTE_CHANGED Indicates that the video palette has changed.
10EC_VIDEO_SIZE_CHANGED Indicates that the video size has changed.
11EC_QUALITY_CHANGE Indicates that playback quality degradation has occurred.
12EC_SHUTTING_DOWN Notifies IMediaEventSink filters that the filter graph is preparing to shutdown.
13EC_CLOCK_CHANGED Indicates that the clock has changed.
14EC_PAUSED Indicates that the previous pause request has completed.
16EC_OPENING_FILE Indicates that a file is being opened.
17EC_BUFFERING_DATA Indicates that the filter graph is buffering data.
18EC_FULLSCREEN_LOST Indicates that full screen mode was toggled off.
19EC_ACTIVATE Indicates that a video renderer has lost or gained activation.
20EC_NEED_RESTART Indicates that a renderer has regained a resource and the graph will be restarted.
21EC_WINDOW_DESTROYED Indicates that a video window for a video renderer has been destroyed.
22EC_DISPLAY_CHANGED Indicates that a video renderer has detected a display change.
23EC_STARVATION Indicates that a filter in the graph has detected starvation (not enough data to properly render).
24EC_OLE_EVENT Indicates that the filter is sending a text string to the application. This is useful for detecting Windows Media Script events that were added with the WMScript object. For Windows Media Script events, param1 is a BSTR containing the command name while param2 is a BSTR containing the command string.
25EC_NOTIFY_WINDOW Indicates that the window handle is being passed to a filter.
26EC_STREAM_CONTROL_STOPPED Indicates that an earlier call to IAMStreamControl.StopAt has now taken effect.
27EC_STREAM_CONTROL_STARTED Indicates that an earlier call to IAMStreamControl.StartAt has now taken effect.
28EC_END_OF_SEGMENT Indicates that a segment end has been reached.
29EC_SEGMENT_STARTED Indicates that a segment start has been reached.
30EC_LENGTH_CHANGED Indicates that the length of the "file" has changed.
31EC_DEVICE_LOST Indicates that a device has been lost, see IAMDeviceRemoval interface for more information.
32EC_SAMPLE_NEEDED Indicates that a sample is needed on the specified input pin.
33EC_PROCESSING_LATENCY Indicates the current latency (processing time) for the related filter.
34EC_SAMPLE_LATENCY Indicates that the filter is the specified amount of time behind or ahead in processing incoming samples.
35EC_SCRUB_TIME Indicates the timestamp for the sample frame displayed after an EC_STEP_COMPLETE notification.
36EC_STEP_COMPLETE Indicates that a step request has completed or was cancelled.
37EC_SKIP_FRAMES Indicates to the filter graph to skip some frames and notify.
48EC_TIMECODE_AVAILABLE Indicates that a filter has timecodes available.
49EC_EXTDEVICE_MODE_CHANGE Indicates that a filter supporting the IAMExtDevice interface has detected a device mode change.
50EC_STATE_CHANGE Indicates state changes in the filter graph.
64EC_PLEASE_REOPEN Indicates that changes have been made that require a graph to be re-rendered.
65EC_STATUS Indicates that a filter is sending status message strings.
66EC_MARKER_HIT Indicates that the specified "marker #" has just been passed.
67EC_LOADSTATUS This event is sent by certain filters to indicate the progress of a load operation. param1 has more information on the type of notification. LEAD filters will set param1 to one of the values in the LoadStatusEventCode enumeration. See LoadStatusEventCode for more information on the events sent by the LEAD MPEG-2 Transport Demultiplexer and LEAD MPEG-2 Transport UDP Source filters.
68EC_FILE_CLOSED Indicates that a file was involuntarily closed, i.e. by a network server shutdown.
69EC_ERRORABORTEX Indicates that an operation aborted because of error.
70EC_EOS_SOON Indicates that the source filter is about to deliver an EOS downstream.
71EC_CONTENTPROPERTY_CHANGED Indicates that a streaming media filter received a change in stream description information.
72EC_BANDWIDTHCHANGE Indicates that the bandwidth of the streaming data has changed.
73EC_VIDEOFRAMEREADY Indicates that the first video frame is about to be drawn.
80EC_GRAPH_CHANGED Indicates that the filter graph has changed.
81EC_CLOCK_UNSET Indicates to the filter graph to unset the current graph clock.
83EC_VMR_RENDERDEVICE_SET Indicates the type of rendering mechanism the VMR is using to display video.
84EC_VMR_SURFACE_FLIPPED Indicates that the VMR's allocator-presenter has called the DDraw flip API on the surface being presented.
85EC_VMR_RECONNECTION_FAILED Indicates that an upstream decoder tried to perform a dynamic format change and the VMR was unable to accept the new format.
86EC_PREPROCESS_COMPLETE Indicates that a WM ASF writer filter (WMSDK V9 version) has signaled the completion of a pre-process run when running in multipass encoding mode.
87EC_CODECAPI_EVENT Indicates that the Codec API event was encountered.
257EC_DVD_DOMAIN_CHANGE The DVD domain is changed.
258EC_DVD_TITLE_CHANGE The DVD current title has changed.
259EC_DVD_CHAPTER_START The player has started playing a new chapter The name for each individual video file on a DVD.
260EC_DVD_AUDIO_STREAM_CHANGE The audio stream The portion of the file holding the audio data.
261EC_DVD_SUBPICTURE_STREAM_CHANGE The DVD sub-picture stream number has changed.
262EC_DVD_ANGLE_CHANGE The number of available angles is changed or the current angle number is changed.
263EC_DVD_BUTTON_CHANGE The number of available buttons is changed or the currently selected button number is changed.
264EC_DVD_VALID_UOPS_CHANGE The available set of DVDControl interface methods has changed.
265EC_DVD_STILL_ON Beginning of a still (PGC, Cell, or VOBU).
266EC_DVD_STILL_OFF End of a still (PGC, Cell, or VOBU).
267EC_DVD_CURRENT_TIME The beginning of every video object unit, a video segment that is 0.
268EC_DVD_ERROR A DVD error condition.
269EC_DVD_WARNING A DVD warning condition.
270EC_DVD_CHAPTER_AUTOSTOP Playback is stopped as a result of a call to the DVDControl.
271EC_DVD_NO_FP_PGC The DVD disc does not have an FP_PGC (First Play Program Chain) and the DVD Navigator will not automatically load any PGC and start playback.
272EC_DVD_PLAYBACK_RATE_CHANGE A rate change in the playback has been initiated; the parameter Param1 indicates the new playback rate being used.
273EC_DVD_PARENTAL_LEVEL_CHANGE The parental level of the authored content is about to change.
274EC_DVD_PLAYBACK_STOPPED Playback has been stopped. See DVDPlaybackStopped enumeration for possible stop reason codes passed in param1 of the MediaEventArgs object.
275EC_DVD_ANGLES_AVAILABLE Indicates whether an angle block is being played and angle changes can be performed.
276EC_DVD_PLAYPERIOD_AUTOSTOP The Navigator has finished playing the segment specified in a call to DVDControl.
277EC_DVD_BUTTON_AUTO_ACTIVATED A menu button has been automatically activated per instructions on the disc.
278EC_DVD_CMD_START A command has begun.
279EC_DVD_CMD_END A command has completed.
280EC_DVD_DISC_EJECTED A disc was ejected.
281EC_DVD_DISC_INSERTED A disc was inserted.
282EC_DVD_CURRENT_HMSF_TIME The beginning of every video object unit, a video segment that is 0.
283EC_DVD_KARAOKE_MODE The Navigator has either begun playing or finished playing karaoke data.
593EC_WMT_INDEX_EVENT Indicates that Windows Media indexing event has occurred.
594EC_WMT_EVENT Indicates that a Windows Media event has occurred.
768EC_BUILT This event is sent when a graph has been built.
769EC_UNBUILT This event is sent when a graph has been torn down.


For more information, refer to the Microsoft documentation for the Event Notification Codes and DVD Event Notification Codes.

See LoadStatusEventCode enumeration for more information on the EC_LOADSTATUS event code.

using Leadtools; 
using Leadtools.Multimedia; 
using LeadtoolsMultimediaExamples.Fixtures; 
public bool _result = false; 
public PlayCtrlForm _form = new PlayCtrlForm(); 
public void SourceStreamExample() 
   // reference the play control 
   PlayCtrl playctrl = _form.PlayCtrl; 
   // input and output file names 
   string inFile = Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.MediaDir, "PlayCtrl_Source.avi"); 
      // turn off auto start 
      playctrl.AutoStart = false; 
      // subscribe to the complete event to check our result 
      playctrl.MediaEvent += new MediaEventHandler(PlayCtrl_MediaEvent); 
      // set the source stream 
      playctrl.SourceStream = new StreamReader(inFile).BaseStream; 
      // set the allowed streams 
      playctrl.AllowedStreams = StreamFormatType.AudioVideoCC; 
      // play it! 
   catch (Exception) 
      _result = false; 
   // we'll loop on the state and pump messages for this example. 
   // but you should not need to if running from a Windows Forms application. 
   while (playctrl.State == PlayState.Running) 
void PlayCtrl_MediaEvent(object sender, MediaEventArgs e) 
   // set the result 
   if (e.eventCode == MediaEventCode.EC_COMPLETE) 
      _result = true; 
static class LEAD_VARS 
   public const string MediaDir = @"C:\Program Files (x86)\LEAD Technologies\LEADTOOLS 20\Media"; 
Imports Leadtools 
Imports Leadtools.Multimedia 
Imports LeadtoolsMultimediaExamples.Fixtures 
Public _result As Boolean = False 
Public _form As PlayCtrlForm = New PlayCtrlForm() 
Public Sub SourceStreamExample() 
   ' reference the play control 
   Dim playctrl As PlayCtrl = _form.PlayCtrl 
   ' input and output file names 
   Dim inFile As String = Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.MediaDir, "PlayCtrl_Source.avi") 
      ' turn off auto start 
      playctrl.AutoStart = False 
      ' subscribe to the complete event to check our result 
      AddHandler playctrl.MediaEvent, AddressOf PlayCtrl_MediaEvent 
      ' set the source stream 
      playctrl.SourceStream = New StreamReader(inFile).BaseStream 
      ' set the allowed streams 
      playctrl.AllowedStreams = StreamFormatType.AudioVideoCC 
      ' play it! 
   Catch e1 As Exception 
      _result = False 
   End Try 
   ' we'll loop on the state and pump messages for this example. 
   ' but you should not need to if running from a Windows Forms application. 
   Do While playctrl.State = PlayState.Running 
End Sub 
Private Sub PlayCtrl_MediaEvent(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As MediaEventArgs) 
   ' set the result 
   If e.eventCode = MediaEventCode.EC_COMPLETE Then 
      _result = True 
   End If 
End Sub 
Public NotInheritable Class LEAD_VARS 
   Public Const MediaDir As String = "C:\Program Files (x86)\LEAD Technologies\LEADTOOLS 20\Media" 
End Class 


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