RTSPServer Class


Provides high level functions to implement an RTSP Server.

public class RTSPServer : IDisposable 
Public Class RTSPServer  
   Implements System.IDisposable  
public ref class RTSPServer : public System.IDisposable   


The RTSPServer object provides high level functions for using the LEAD RTSP Sink filter to implement an RTSP server.

The RTSPServer class keeps an internal list of folders containing the media files to be streamed. The files can be in more than one root source folders. Additionally, any files present in subfolders of the root folder are accessible. The source folders are added with SetSourceFolder.

DVR buffers are treated as live streams while they are being updated. When a user attempts to stream one of these live streams, the server will stream from the live position with a latency set using SetLiveLatency.

The server can be protected by limiting access to a certain users using SetSecurity. The security settings can be the same for all folders or each folder can have different access settings.

Files with compression settings that don't match the compressions supported by the RTSP Sink are dynamically recompressed. Use LoadSettingsFromFile and LoadSettingsFromStream to override the compression settings used by the encoders.

Once the settings have been set, specify the IP address on which the server will listen using TargetAddress.

When everything is set, start the server and specify on which port to listen using StartServer.

using Leadtools; 
using Leadtools.Multimedia; 
using LeadtoolsMultimediaExamples.Fixtures; 
RTSPServer _server = null; 
public void StartServer() 
   // create the server instance 
   _server = new RTSPServer(); 
   // specify c:\MyFiles as the source folder 
   _server.SetSourceFolder(0, @"c:\MyFiles"); 
   // will listen on 
   _server.TargetAddress = ""; 
   // start listening on port 554 
   // set the latency 
   _server.SetLiveLatency(-1, 0.7); 
public void StopServer() 
   _server = null; 
Imports Leadtools 
Imports Leadtools.Multimedia 
Imports LeadtoolsMultimediaExamples.Fixtures 
Dim _server As RTSPServer = Nothing 
Public Sub StartServer() 
   ' create the server instance 
   _server = New RTSPServer() 
   ' specify c:\MyFiles as the source folder 
   _server.SetSourceFolder(0, "c:\MyFiles") 
   ' will listen on 
   _server.TargetAddress = "" 
   ' start listening on port 554 
   ' set the latency 
   _server.SetLiveLatency(-1, 0.7) 
End Sub 
Public Sub StopServer() 
   _server = Nothing 
End Sub 


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