TargetFormat Property


Gets or sets the target format accepted by the sample target object. By default, the value of this property is ltmmSampleTarget_TargetFormat_Undefined. If you assign a value to the TargetFormat property that matches your expected final output format, then only media types that are accepted by the assigned format will be allowed. The AcceptedMediaType values are still honored, however, only the parts of the AcceptedMediaType that are not specified (GUID_NULL) are compared with the TargetFormat. You can still force a pin to only accept a major type of Video, and have the rest depend on the target format, by simply assigning an AcceptedMediaType with only the major type of video defined.

public TargetFormatType TargetFormat { get; set; } 
Public Property TargetFormat As TargetFormatType 
property TargetFormatType TargetFormat { 
   TargetFormatType get(); 
   void set (    TargetFormatType ); 

Property Value

The target format accepted by the sample target object.


Target Platforms

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