SetMerit Method


Sets the DirectShow filter Merit.

public void SetMerit( 
   string Name, 
   int Value 
Public Sub SetMerit( _ 
   ByVal Name As String, _ 
   ByVal Value As Integer _ 
void SetMerit(  
   String^ Name, 
   int Value 


String used for the Display Name or Friendly Name of the filter. It is best to use the "Display Name" since it is unique and no two filters can have the same Display Name. On the contrary, two or more filters can have the same Friendly Name. When two or more filters have the same Friendly name, this function works on the first filter it internally enumerates having the specified friendly name.

The new merit value for the specified DirectShow filter.


For more information, refer to the Microsoft documentation for DirectShow Merits:,, and A Display Name uniquely identifies a DirectShow filter (or any filter). Display names for software filters have the following format: @device:sw:GUID\\GUID, example: Microsoft's “MPEG-2 Splitter” display name is: @device:sw:{083863F1-70DE-11D0-BD40-00A0C911CE86}\\{3AE86B20-7BE8-11D1-ABE6-00A0C905F375}. A Friendly Name is not unique and one or more filters can have the same name. However, it is ideal for presenting a descriptive name in user interfaces. For example, the Friendly Name for Microsoft's MPEG-2 Splitter is "MPEG-2 Splitter"

using Leadtools; 
using Leadtools.Multimedia; 
using LeadtoolsMultimediaExamples.Fixtures; 
public bool _result = false; 
public ConvertCtrlForm _form = new ConvertCtrlForm(); 
public void FilterEnumMeritExample() 
   FilterEnum filterEnum = new FilterEnum(); 
      // Get LEAD H264 Decoder/Decompressor Merit 
      int currentMerit = filterEnum.GetMerit(Constants.PreferredFilters.H264Decompressor); 
      // Increase the value by "one" 
      int newMerit = currentMerit + 1; 
      // Set the new merit value to LEAD H264 Decoder/Decompressor 
      filterEnum.SetMerit(Constants.PreferredFilters.H264Decompressor, newMerit); 
      // Get the merit value again 
      currentMerit = filterEnum.GetMerit(Constants.PreferredFilters.H264Decompressor); 
      // Check and see whether the value has been set correctly 
      _result = (currentMerit == newMerit) ? true : false; 
   catch (Exception) 
      _result = false; 
Imports Leadtools 
Imports Leadtools.Multimedia 
Imports LeadtoolsMultimediaExamples.Fixtures 
Public _result As Boolean = False 
Public _form As ConvertCtrlForm = New ConvertCtrlForm() 
Public Sub FilterEnumMeritExample() 
      ' Create an object instance of FilterEnum 
      Dim filterEnum As FilterEnum = New FilterEnum 
      ' Get LEAD H264 Decoder/Decompressor Merit 
      Dim currentMerit As Integer = filterEnum.GetMerit(Leadtools.Multimedia.Constants.PreferredFilters.H264Decompressor) 
      ' Increase the value by "one" 
      Dim newMerit As Integer = currentMerit + 1 
      ' Set the new merit value to LEAD H264 Decoder/Decompressor 
      filterEnum.SetMerit(Leadtools.Multimedia.Constants.PreferredFilters.H264Decompressor, newMerit) 
      ' Get the merit value again 
      currentMerit = filterEnum.GetMerit(Leadtools.Multimedia.Constants.PreferredFilters.H264Decompressor) 
      ' Check and see if the value has been set correctly 
      If currentMerit = newMerit Then 
         _result = True 
         _result = False 
      End If 
   Catch e1 As Exception 
      _result = False 
   End Try 
End Sub 


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