DVDPlaybackStopped Enumeration


The DVDPlaybackStopped enumeration values indicate why DVD playback stops. The stop reason code is passed as param1 of the MediaEventArgs object when a MediaEventCode.EC_DVD_PLAYBACK_STOPPED event has been raised.

public enum DVDPlaybackStopped   
Public Enum DVDPlaybackStopped  
public enum class DVDPlaybackStopped   

0Other The navigator stopped the playback (no reason available).
1NoBranch The navigator completed the current PGC. Either there was no additional video and/or no other branching instructions were found for subsequent playback.
2NoFirstPlayDomain The disc does not contain an initial startup program.
3StopCommand The application stopped playback or a DVD Navigator reached a stop command on the disc.
4Reset The DVD Navigator was reset to the start of the disc.
5DiscEjected The disc was ejected.
6IllegalNavCommand An invalid navigation command prevented playback from continuing.
7PlayPeriodAutoStop Playback reached the end time that was specified by the application.
8PlayChapterAutoStop Playback reached the end of the chapter.
9ParentalFailure Playback was stopped because of the parental level.
10RegionFailure Playback was stopped because the region did not match.
11MacrovisionFailure Playback was stopped because of Macrovision protection.
12DiscReadError An error occurred while reading the disc.
13CopyProtectFailure Playback was stopped because of copy protection.


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