Count Property


Gets the number of items contained in the collection.

public int Count { get; } 
Public ReadOnly Property Count As Integer 
property int Count { 
   int get(); 

Property Value

The number of items contained in the collection.

using Leadtools; 
using Leadtools.Multimedia; 
using LeadtoolsMultimediaExamples.Fixtures; 
public CaptureCtrlForm _form = new CaptureCtrlForm(); 
public bool _result = false; 
public void CountExample() 
      // reference the form capture control  
      CaptureCtrl capturectrl = _form.CaptureCtrl; 
      // reference the audio formats 
      AudioFormats formats = capturectrl.AudioCaptureFormats; 
      // get a count before setting the device 
      int n = formats.Count; 
      // set an audio device first. use your audio device's name here 
      if (capturectrl.AudioDevices["USB"] == null) 
         throw new Exception("No USB audio device available"); 
      capturectrl.AudioDevices["USB"].Selected = true; 
      // get a count after setting device 
      int m = formats.Count; 
      // set our result to what we expect  
      _result = (m != n); 
   catch (Exception) 
      _result = false; 
Imports Leadtools 
Imports Leadtools.Multimedia 
Imports LeadtoolsMultimediaExamples.Fixtures 
Public _form As CaptureCtrlForm = New CaptureCtrlForm() 
Public _result As Boolean = False 
Public Sub CountExample() 
      ' reference the form capture control  
      Dim capturectrl As CaptureCtrl = _form.CaptureCtrl 
      ' reference the audio formats 
      Dim formats As AudioFormats = capturectrl.AudioCaptureFormats 
      ' get count before setting device 
      Dim n As Integer = formats.Count 
      ' set an audio device first, you should use your audio device name here 
      If capturectrl.AudioDevices("USB") Is Nothing Then 
         Throw New Exception("No USB audio device available") 
      End If 
      capturectrl.AudioDevices("USB").Selected = True 
      ' get count after setting device 
      Dim m As Integer = formats.Count 
      ' set out result to what we expect  
      _result = (m <> n) 
   Catch e1 As Exception 
      _result = False 
   End Try 
End Sub 


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