ConvertSettings Enumeration


Controls saving and loading settings for the ConvertCtrl object.

public enum ConvertSettings 
Public Enum ConvertSettings  
public enum class ConvertSettings   

0xFF000000Flags Set all flags on. Currently this affects only the rewind flag, CaptureSettings.Rewind.
0x00000001AudioProcessors The audio processors settings.
0x00000002VideoProcessors The video processors settings.
0x0000000FProcessors The selected video and audio processors settings.
0x00000010AudioCompressors The audio compressor used.
0x00000020VideoCompressors The video compressor used.
0x000000F0Compressors The audio and video compressors used.
0x00000100AudioDevices The audio devices settings.
0x00000200VideoDevices The video devices settings.
0x00000400MidiDevices The MIDI devices settings.
0x00000F00Devices The devices settings.
0x00001000MiscControls The miscellaneous properties that affect the operation of the ConvertCtrl object.
0x0000F000Controls All the properties that affect the operation of the ConvertCtrl object. Currently this includes only the CaptureSettings.MiscControls option.
0x00010000TargetFormat The target format used.
0x00FFFFFFAll All settings.
0x01000000Rewind Rewind the stream to position zero before reading from or writing to it using functions like ConvertCtrl.SaveSettingsToStream and ConvertCtrl.LoadSettingsFromStream.


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