SampleTarget Class


The SampleTarget object is used to fetch single media samples from the ConvertCtrl and CaptureCtrl objects.

public class SampleTarget : IDisposable 
Public Class SampleTarget  
   Implements System.IDisposable  
public ref class SampleTarget : public System.IDisposable   


A sample target will accept samples having a specific media type.

This media type is set in the MediaType object. Once the media type is set, the media type for the sample target is set by calling the SampleTarget.SetAcceptedMediaType method.

To determine the accepted media type of the sample target, call the SampleTarget.GetAcceptedMediaType method.

The sample target object must be set to receive samples from either a CaptureCtrl object or a ConvertCtrl object and then start either the capture or the convert process.

Once that is done, the sample target can begin receiving samples. Using the GetSample method, the sample target can get delivered samples one at a time, until the end of the stream is reached. When the end of the stream is reached, the convert or capture process should be stopped.

For a more detailed description of this process, refer to Implementing a SampleTarget object.


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