SampleSource Class


The SampleSource object allows the user to supply single media samples to the ConvertCtrl and PlayCtrl objects.

public class SampleSource : IDisposable 
Public Class SampleSource  
   Implements System.IDisposable  
public ref class SampleSource : public System.IDisposable   


A sample source will provide samples having a specific media type. This media type is set in the MediaType object. The media type for the source sample is set by calling the SetMediaType. To determine the media type of a sample, use the GetMediaType method. The sample source object must be set for either an ConvertCtrl or PlayCtrl object and then start either the play or the conversion process. Once this is done, the sample source can begin sending samples downstream. Using the GetSampleBuffer method, obtain a free sample buffer. Set the appropriate sample information. Deliver the sample by calling the DeliverSample. Continue sending samples until the end of the stream is reached. At that point, call the DeliverEndOfStream method and stop the play or conversion process, using PlayCtrl.Stop or ConvertCtrl.StopConvert.


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